December’s Stress Review Workshop

What struck me at the start of this workshop as people introduced themselves, was just how many reasons we have to be stressed in our lives these days.  In fact, I began to wonder how any of us cope at all. But, also right from the beginning, as everyone told their story, I heard how resilient they were, and how creative they found were in finding a path through their situations.

This ability to be adaptable, and also to support each other, only became more obvious as the evening went on. But, the most wonderful thing of all, was the humour people brought, despite their stresses and anxieties. To these remarkable qualities, the workshop added reliable, research-tested techniques that everyone can use to begin developing a state of greater calm no matter what challenging situations life throws at us.

On top of this, it gave the participants the opportunity to tease out their individual thought processes which worsen their stress, and to change them for more helpful ones.

The last part of the evening was given to conflict resolution and communication skills for stressful interactions with others, whether at work or at home.

As the facilitator, it was wonderful to work with such an inspiring group; thank you.

“Thank you for a great evening. I learnt such a lot, and felt so supported by the other people in the group.” Amy

“Before the workshop, I had been thinking that I would have to quit my job, it was just too stressful. Now, I’m coping much better, and am even beginning to enjoy it.” Keith

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