Individual and Couples Sessions

Whether you are wanting one-to-one counselling, or couples work, these sessions are designed for you to get to investigate, integrate and resolve, whatever may be troubling you.

Whether Sarah is working with individuals or with couples, she brings deep care and compassion to the sessions. In her work with you, she will create an atmosphere of containment and safety, inviting you to engage in in-depth conversation that will get to the heart of whatever is holding you back from living a life of wellbeing. The sessions typically combine somatic work, emotional opening, dreamwork, relational deepening, mindfulness, and coaching.

Between-session practices and techniques are given so that you can consolidate your learnings and breakthroughs.

Phone and Skype sessions are also available for those who are unable to travel.

individual and couples sessions

Please do get in touch with Sarah if you would like to book an appointment or hear more about her counselling in Guildford, Farnham, and Haslemere. Sarah offers a free 20-minute phone conversation to discuss the counselling or coaching plan that would work best for you. To contact Sarah, please call 07912 357 366, or email

“My partner and I were having so many arguments about the children and step-children. After a few sessions with Sarah, our communication with each other improved dramatically. We were able to understand each other’s point of view, really listen to each other, prioritise what was important, and learn to leave the rest. We have so much more fun together again. Thank you.”