“I feel much more positive with regard to  my work /home life balance at the moment and more certain I am on the right track.

Thank you again.”


“Sarah, you have a warm and easy manner, natural empathy, and are totally committed. You are doing a really great job and your clients are lucky to have you with them.”


“Thank you very much for being my key to a new life. I never expected to be able to put away my past memories and be a calm, rational person, but the work you have done with me is fantastic. So, many thanks once again.”


“Our session really helped me this week. I have been feeling less panicky each day.

Today is the first day I have woken up and felt no panic at all.”


” Thank you again. Yesterday has been a life-changing moment, and I feel like the big sack I’ve been dragging around for 44 years has gone!

No stress or panic.”


“Thank you for a great evening. I learnt such a lot, and felt so supported by the other people in the group.”


“Before the workshop, I had been thinking that I would have to quit my job, it was just too stressful. Now, I’m coping much better, and am even beginning to enjoy it.”