Coping With Illness

Coping with illness, whether chronic or acute, can be emotionally and psychologically demanding. And often, it can be lonely. You may be trying to protect those you love by not sharing with them the worst of how you feel. Or you may find that, however hard they try, they don’t quite understand exactly what you’re going through.

Or, perhaps there just isn’t anybody close to you with whom you can talk.

This may be true whether it is you who is ill, or whether you are caring for a loved one who is ill.

Over and over again, in her work with cancer patients and their families, Sarah has been told how enormously healing it can feel simply to talk openly and honestly with someone who is not otherwise involved in your life. And feeling better emotionally can have a significant impact on your physical state, positively effecting your immune system and your perception of pain.

But counselling isn’t just about listening. It’s also about providing you with the techniques you need to manage effectively your thoughts and feelings at this very difficult time. It’s about helping you to move beyond the trauma of diagnosis, to cope successfully with treatment and perhaps surgery, to re-build your life and your relationships.

 If you would like to access valuable counselling support to help you through illness, contact Sarah. She has had much experience working with cancer patients and their families at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, and understands the unique issues confronting people coping with illness. If you are too ill to travel, Sarah can visit you in your home (travel expenses are additional).

Please do get in touch with Sarah if you would like to book an appointment or hear more about her counselling in Guildford, Farnham, and Haslemere. Sarah offers a free 20-minute phone conversation to discuss the counselling or coaching plan that would work best for you. To contact Sarah, please call 07912 357 366, or email

“I went to see Sarah while I was still receiving treatment for cancer. It had been a long journey already, and I felt lonely, scared, anxious, and depressed; life seemed an unbearable struggle. I was angry and resentful that I was poorly yet again, and I felt betrayed by life. Why was all of this happening to me? I had had counselling before, some of it helpful, some of it not, and so I had mixed feelings about giving it another go. I knew I didn’t just want to talk, I wanted to know what I could do to help myself; I wanted techniques I could take home with me. Sarah has transformed my journey of coping with cancer. She has been able to listen to my feelings I haven’t felt able to burden my family with, help me resolve them, and move on to more positive emotions. She has shown me how I can cope with the fear and anxiety, how I can find some peace with all that I am going through.”