Flexible telephone or Skype sessions

Free 20-minute phone conversation to discuss the counselling or coaching plan that would work best for you.

Sarah is offering a new flexible telephone and Skype service for mothers suffering from postnatal depression.

A recent study published in the Journal for Advanced Nursing, reveals that telephone-based support can reduce post-natal depression in new mothers.

Sarah is now offering a service which allows you to receive telephone support from an expert in Depression counselling.

Every parent knows that when the family has a new baby, its needs come first, and can be close to being all-consuming. So much so that many mothers find it difficult to even get out of the house. This often means that the needs of the mother get set aside.

If this sounds familiar, you may know how it is all too easy for your unmet needs to become overwhelming. And if you are overwhelmed, it is difficult for you to give the quality of care to your baby that you would like to give.

But now you can receive the support you need from a trained professional who has been there and understands what you are having to cope with.

There is a way out of your suffering. There is help for you in your own home. You don’t have to go out to find it. You don’t have to tidy the house to receive it. Just pick up the phone.

The length of the phone call is determined by your need as a new mother, whether you need as little as half an hour (£30), a longer session of an hour (£60), or as much as an hour and a half at a time (£90).

Of course, you can also have one-to-one sessions in person, offering treatment for postnatal depression, either in Guildford or Ash Green, and you are welcome to bring your baby, if necessary.

To book your phone call, contact Sarah on: 07912 357 366.