Any parent of a teenager will recognise the challenges that are frequently experienced as children grow into young adults.  You may have been fortunate in not having had heated arguments so far, but if you have,this is only a natural behaviour that arises from boundaries being pushed and young people asserting themselves.  There may be many reasons why your young person is struggling with the onset of adulthood. Working with a qualified and experienced counsellor in Surrey, is a great opportunity for your family to discover the triggers for these outbursts and to learn how to handle them.


Family life does not always revolve around the two adults plus two children model.  Perhaps you have a new partner?  They may have children themselves.  Introducing new family members does not always run smoothly.  Counselling can help children to express their feelings and to understand what is happening in their family.  It’s important that children are given the opportunity for reassurance and to be heard.

School problems

As children move through their time at secondary school and college, they may face different types of difficulties and pressures. Exams, friendships and homework can be the cause of some of the stresses that your teenager may face.  It may be that you are struggling with truancy issues.  Could it be due to bullying or cyber-bullying?  Combine these stresses with your teenager’s developing hormones and you could have quite a task on your hands.  Family counselling will enable you all to talk through what’s troubling you and look at ways for you to work together to overcome these difficulties.


One of the most difficult situations for teenagers to handle is when their parents separate.  Sometimes they feel  somehow that they are to blame; sometimes they don’t know how to react and communicate with each parent; sometimes organising the new living arrangements can be upsetting.  This is when counselling support can be invaluable.


Anxiety is a common yet serious problem that many teenagers face.  They can also be very good at hiding their worries. Rather than their telling you directly of their problems, you may notice that they become withdrawn or sullen, that they are unusually tired or disinterested, are suffering from regular stomachaches, headaches, or panic attacks.  Prolonged and extreme anxiety can develop into depression, so it is better to resolve it as quickly as possible.  Through careful counselling, teenagers can be given the vital support that they need.


If your teenager becomes involved with any form of crime or inappropriate behaviour, you may find the situation difficult to handle.  What is the best way to talk to your child in order to help them move forwards?  This is one of the most important times for you to find the courage to stand by your child and give them the support that they need.  Some parents may find this easier than others. A counsellor will help you to communicate and find ways to support your teen.  Family counselling can help to support you and the other members of your family.

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