Are you good at looking after others, or at knowing what would be good for someone else? It’s often so much easier than looking after yourself, isn’t it?

Taking time to be mindful, and to notice where you get stuck in being good to yourself, where it gets uncomfortable, can be an enlightening experience.

And it can be challenging, because it means being honest with yourself; it means noticing what you find painful, and doing something about it.

For instance, if you are in the habit of drinking that bit too much when you’re out with your friends, in order to take better care of yourself, and to start cutting down, there may be something, or a number of things, that you need to address. Perhaps an ex-partner is part of your social group, and it’s still painful to meet up; maybe you find large groups intimidating because you have not got the confidence to be widely seen and heard; perhaps you easily feel put down or slighted…

And maybe the issues underlying a lack of self-care feel too difficult to resolve. But the truth is, not resolving them makes life much more burdensome than it need be.

So, why not start today? Notice where you could improve your self-care; be mindful of what uncomfortable truth is driving your behaviour, and determine to make a positive change. And remember, if it feels too difficult to do on your own, you can always ask for help!