If you woke up one morning recently and realised that there’s not a lot in your life that makes your heart sing, or if a similar realisation has been dawning on you gradually over a period of time – then this tip could help to turn things around. Our souls are a little like gardens: fed and watered, they blossom; with a harsh, dry wind of boredom, they quickly turn to desert.

A reliable indicator of how well you are nurtured is to notice how easily you become tired. If you’re living your dream, passionate about what you do, have a sense of meaning and purpose, your energy can be boundless.

But if that doesn’t describe your average day, then you may want to consider doing this:

Taking a pen and paper, write down the five things you loved doing most when you were a child. What was it about them that interested you most?

Now write down the five things that were most precious to you as a child. What meaning did they have for you?

As you remember these activities and things, what emotions come up for you? How does your heart respond?

Pick one thing from each list with which you can re-connect this week. How can you integrate them more permanently into your present life?


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