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The Growing Point C.I.C.

Eoctherapy Project


The Growing Point will be opening in March 2015, and is designed for a range of clients who feel that they would benefit from a nature-based form of therapy. Research shows that the programme will be helpful to those who are presently experiencing depression, general anxiety, bi-polar, schizophrenia, as well as for those recovering from a psychotic episode, addiction, or post-traumatic stress. There will be different days for different client groups.

It will be a daytime therapeutic community designed to empower each individual and promote their innate capacity for wellbeing.

We will provide a safe and supportive environment in which people can feel respected and valued, able to influence their environment through joint decision-making, and to take a share of the collective responsibility for the group’s daily overall wellbeing.

We believe in everybody’s potential for wellbeing, even through times of pain and distress.

Each member of the community – whether their stay is short- or long term – will play a role in creating a mutually supportive atmosphere.

The Growing Point day will comprise an integrative and holistic blend of ecotherapy, community mutual support, and more traditional psychotherapeutic techniques. These have been chosen and brought together in a therapeutic programme based on research finding significant benefits for a range of mental health issues.


Practical Ecotherapeutic Activities at the Growing Point

Craft activities such as willow-weaving; the making of hazel-hurdles; bat, bird and hedgehog boxes; woodturning.

Two thriving bee hives to tend and from which to gather honey.

Strong emphasis on the conservation and promotion of woodland flora and fauna.

We are currently preparing the ground to plant a forest garden in the spring. This will support a range of fruit trees and bushes, as well as vegetables and flowers.


Psychotherapeutic Activities at the Growing Point

Group therapy

Mindfulness meditation

Creative writing

Movement therapy


 A Day at The Growing Point

We will run a 4-hour day at The Growing Point.

We will begin with an hour of group therapy and decision-making/task-assigning for the following practical activities.

There will then be two hours of practical activities.

The last hour of the day will be provide an opportunity in which to experience mindfulness meditation exercises, creative writing, and movement therapy.


Joining The Growing Point

If you would like to become a part of The Growing Point and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working on the land and creating natural craft products, please contact Sarah.

It’s recommended that you join for an initial six-week period. Within that, you will be able to choose whether you come on a daily or weekly basis. Moving on from the first six weeks, you will be able to remain a part of the community for as long as you feel it is benefitting you.