Counselling in Surrey – Real support for real change

Are you feeling that life’s a struggle at the moment? A disappointment? Better for others than for you? It doesn’t need to be like that. Sometimes, life can get on top of us. That’s how Stuart felt when Sarah first started seeing him. To be fair, he had good reason to feel like that, he had experienced some pretty traumatic events. Four sessions later, his attitude to life had completely turned around and he had found within himself the key that enabled him to move forwards.

Stuart had learnt that he didn’t need to live his life hemmed in by his fears and anxieties. And neither do you.

Perhaps you would like to move beyond depression, stress, anxiety, panic, anger or insomnia… Or maybe you are ready to quit an addiction that has had control of you up until now… Perhaps now is a good time to develop more satisfying relationships… Or begin realising a long-held dream or life purpose

If you are looking for counseling in Surrey, Sarah offers a safe, supportive, and confidential space in which you can explore your concerns and utilise well-tested and proven techniques to help you find the solutions you need to become the person you wish to be.

Please do get in touch with Sarah if you would like to book an appointment or hear more about her counselling in Surrey. 

Sarah offers a free 20-minute phone conversation to discuss the counselling or coaching plan that would work best for you.