Whether you’re married or in a relationship you may find that you are in a situation where life is not going quite as planned.  Some couples find that they are able to talk together to resolve any difficulties, however it may be that your relationship has reached a point where outside professional help can be incredibly helpful.

By contacting an experienced Relationship Counsellor in Surrey, you will be able to explore the issues in your relationship and look at ways of overcoming them.  Make sure that the counsellor that you choose is experienced in this area and is a member of a Counselling Body such as HGI.

There is no perfect answer to recovering a relationship.  Some couples may find, that with all the best counselling in the world, they will not be able to find a happy medium and sort their relationship out.  The best solution may be for you both to go your separate ways. However unless you give Relationship Counselling the opportunity to help you will certainly never know.

Staying Together for the Sake of the Children

Children are intuitive and often understand more than we may think they do. They will quite likely be able to see if there is a problem in your relationship.   Yes, a child does need both parents, and they also need their parents to be able to relate to each other in a respectful and trusting way. Whether you stay together or not is a difficult decision, and it can often be helpful to talk things through with an independent counsellor.

Following an Affair

Whether you were the person who had the affair or you’re struggling following your partner’s affair, this can be a difficult situation from which to recover.  Relationships are all about trust.  Counselling will look to find ways so that you can move forward from this situation and regain a sense of trust between the two of you.

Lack of Communication

Sometimes we can be too close to a situation to see what the real issue is.  It’s at these times that speaking with a neutral person outside of your relationship can be particularly beneficial.  Perhaps your relationship has become more of a friendship rather than a sexual relationship.   Counselling provides a safe environment in which you can both talk about your feelings and thoughts regarding the relationship.

Living in a Negative Relationship

Accusations and negativity within a relationship can be as  damaging as a complete lack of communication.  They often lead to a lack of respect, and respect needs to be the bedrock of any good relationship. Spending time as a couple with an accredited HGI counsellor can give you the opportunity to transform your relationship for the better.

The fizzle Has Gone

Working at a relationship can be extremely difficult.   We all have a different focus in life.  We work in different patterns, have differing needs and wants.  Perhaps you both work in very challenging roles, over long hours.  Demands from a hectic lifestyle and busy family life may mean that you have little, if any, time for the physical side of your relationship.  If you find that the sexual element has gone from your relationship, there’s still hope.  Talking to an experienced counsellor will give you an opportunity to find out what the issue is and to rediscover the sparkle in your relationship.

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