After the recent events in France, I have been struck by the importance of encouraging within ourselves and each other the recognition of our own, and others’, self-worth. I believe that it is only with a full appreciation of our innate value that we can resist being intimidated by aggressive behaviour evolving out of hatred and confusion. To respect our own worth, and that of every other human being, is fundamental to finding the courage to stand up for freedom and democracy.

And, it is only within a society free from fear and coercion, that we can develop our inner sense of freedom to fulfil our unique potential, to develop the personal strength necessary to be the person we know we ought to be.

Underneath a sense of self-worth is unqualified respect. Respect and acceptance for who we are right now, for both our successes and our shortcomings. And this is not possible without deep introspection, without a profound self-knowing.

Spending time, therefore, on our own personal growth – whether by reading, meditating, attending lectures and workshops,  or counselling -is not an indulgence, but the act of a citizen committed to the freedom and democracy of the society in which they live.

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