Real support for real change


Naturally, as we approach our death, we reflect on the life we have lived. Our relationships become more important than ever before, and we often ask ourselves whether we have loved well; we assess what we have achieved and its value; we wonder on the greater meaning of our lives.
Never too late to make a difference

And it’s never too late to reach for new purpose, to make meaningful contributions to the people around us, or to grow beyond our present level. Often, healing relationships, making amends, speaking our truth and living from our truth, suddenly become imperative to allow for a peaceful death.

It can be hugely helpful to have some therapeutic support during this time. The quality of our dying has a profound impact not only on ourselves, but also on those we leave behind and their grieving process.

Our own true, unique spirituality is also often important at this time, offering us much hope, strength, and peace. Many people who have entered a deeply spiritual practice during their serious illness have discovered a reassuring sense of the eternal.