Have you ever heard the phrase “spontaneous remission”? Its the term the medical profession gives to cures for which there does not appear to be a cause, i.e. no linked proven treatment. Despite their mystery, they happen all the time. It may be that one reason for the mystery is that patients are rarely asked by medical professionals what they did to effect their body’s healing. I would like to talk here about a few of the contributory factors to these spontaneous remissions.



In his book Peace, Love and Healing, Bernie Siegel says that in his experience of working with cancer patients, the most important predictors for longer life are a deep desire to heal together with an attitude of optimism, peace, love and joy. This is because every cell in our bodies is aware of what our minds are thinking, adapting their chemistry accordingly. More than that, our genes are also responding to our thoughts by switching themselves on or off as seems appropriate.



It is therefore vital that we are able to work through any trauma or depression that our diagnosis has caused, so that we can again engage in our purpose for living, no matter how changed that may be for the time being.



There have been many clinical studies that have shown a significance in the power of prayer to promote healing. (A famous study from Duke University, North Carolina, found that prayed-for patients recovered faster, and with fewer side effects, than those who were not.) The truth is that the power of our minds can be immense. Deepak Chopra writes in his book Life After Death that he interviewed a man with great healing abilities who said: “I could teach you to do the same thing in a few days…It’s actually very simple. The hard part is removing your belief that you can’t heal.”



Many people use the power of their minds to visualise their own healing. It seems that it doesn’t really matter whether what you visualise is anatomically accurate, so long as it feels intuitively right to you – it is a very personal matter. Cell biologist and practitioner of traditional Eastern healing methods, Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, has a precise, scientific method of praying for healing:


“May the cells that recognise and clear bacteria, toxic substances, and viruses be keen and fully supported by my immune system.

“May all the systems – inside and outside of my cells – that are responsible for optimal health have energy for their best work.” (Cell-Level Healing).

Others may prefer to call upon images of cleansing, renewal, or natural process in a way that is meaningful to their imagination. And it doesn’t really matter, so long as it comes from the heart.


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