Real support for real change

If you are a parent-to-be or a parent of young children, you are facing the biggest and most important challenge of your life. As you go through this journey, there are so many joys and rewards but, for all of us, there are also some difficult times. It’s then that having some support, can really make a difference.

Areas in which Sarah can help you with family coaching are:

  • providing support during fertility treatment
  • adjusting to pregnancy
  • moving beyond antenatal and postnatal depression
  • resolving birth trauma
  • adjusting to life transition
  • relationship support
  • parenting
  • emotional self-management for children
  • overcoming grief (miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS)

Sarah works with young parents at the Mummas and Beans centre in Godalming, as well as with private clients. She also runs regular parenting workshops and support groups.

“Thank you so much for helping us with your ideas and experience on Wednesday night.  You really sparked the parents’ interest, as is evident from all the note taking.  Your follow through with the email is excellent and I know, will be appreciated.  It was so refreshing to have actual techniques demonstrated and help with the one problem that comes up over and over again: anger or the “melt down”.  I also very much appreciated your approach to discipline after an incident (reiterated, thank you!) in your email.  It was obviously an eye opener to have techniques designed to preserve the child’s self esteem. ” Milva Sandison, Spooks