What proportion of your life do you spend engaged in activities that are life-enhancing? You know the ones. The kind that, when you’ve finished, you’re fizzing with energy and joy, ready to laugh and love, walking on air.

Is half your day spent doing things like that? The whole of your day, none of a typical day?

You might think it unrealistic to expect that too great a proportion of your life can be spent doing what you really love. You might think life is just too full of chores and duties, that to focus on what you want to do all the time would simply be selfish? But is it really?

In creating a more life-enhancing daily pattern, many of my clients find it helpful to go back to the basics. They find it helpful to spend time working out a clear life philosophy and value system that is meaningful to them, that gives them a sense of greater purpose and self-respect; a life philosophy and value system which does not depend on looking to others for approval or appreciation, but that really chimes with their own true nature…

…And then my clients check their daily activities against these values and beliefs. Do they fit or not? In what way can those that don’t be replaced with ones that do?

When we live according to our own values, in a way that gives us a sense of greater purpose, we usually find that even the unpleasant tasks are life-enhancing. We know why we are doing them and, in the greater scheme of things, we are pleased we are doing them because they are an expression of our true nature. They fulfil the larger meaning of our lives, and there is nothing more truly joyful than that.

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