Six-week EFT therapy group, starting 8th September 2014

Monday evenings, 7.30-9pm, Guildford

EFT is a fast-acting technique to transform unwanted patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour. You can benefit whether or not you share your own stories and issues.

Benefit from being a part of a supportive, confidential group.

Many people find they make rapid progress with a wide range of issues by regular use of EFT – an energy therapy which combines talking with tapping on acupressure points.  Working in a group has the advantage of “borrowing benefits” from each other so that you find you make as much progress for yourself by working with other people’s issues as you do by working on your own. Yet there is no need to tell your story in-depth if that makes you uncomfortable, or to disclose very personal information. And your EFT work will still be as effective. This makes EFT an easy and gentle method of emotional self-management.

Advance booking essential.

Cost: £100 Early bird price (available up to six weeks before start of course): £90