Real support for real change

Would you like to find a way to live well despite illness? Living with illness, whether chronic or acute, can be emotionally and psychologically demanding. And yet this can be overlooked in the busy-ness of attending to physical treatments.

But you can get effective counselling support, specifically with issues such as:

  • trauma of diagnosis/treatment
  • adjusting to a new way of life
  • optimising healing potential
  • healing relationships
  • coping with care
  • managing pain perception
  • preparing for death
  • bereavement

During this challenging time of illness, you may find it invaluable to receive support in attending to the wellness of your heart and mind.



I first met Sarah at the Fountain Centre when – sadly – my stepson was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Our lives had been turned upside down and I had no idea how to cope when I felt that I was standing on the outside looking in.  Sarah’s gentle encouragement has taught me to recognise that – no matter how difficult life may be for others – my own needs were important too if I was going to maintain my sanity and well being.  Sarah has taught me coping techniques that have carried me through to making decisions that are right for me; visualization, tapping and breathing techniques are just a few that I have incorporated into my everyday life.  When I can breathe properly I can think straight!  Sarah is always encouraging and supportive and occasionally very funny too.  Laugher really is the best medicine and when she suggested that “we try something ridiculous” I was open minded enough to do so.  The issues that I have dealt with (and am still dealing with) are huge and I know that I am a work in progress.  With Sarah’s support and suggestions I can pick myself up on even the worst of days and know that there is something better ahead.



Not many people are asked what they have learnt from their illness: what hidden depths they have had to discover, how – despite all the suffering – they have found themselves transformed for the better. I would love to hear your story so that I can share it with others here on the website. If you would like to inspire others by passing on your wisdom, please use the Contact page – thank you.