Parenting: financial rewards to children?

We all understand reward motivation, don't we? People get bonuses at work, win trophies in sport, get presents when they're nice. And it seems to work. Doesn't it? Well, no not always or, indeed, often. Research has shown that extrinsic motivation is apt to: encourage short-term thinking, become addictive (meaning that we come to [...]

You’re Not Alone – Reasons for Troublesome Teens

Any parent of a teenager will recognise the challenges that are frequently experienced as children grow into young adults.  You may have been fortunate in not having had heated arguments so far, but if you have,this is only a natural behaviour that arises from boundaries being pushed and young people asserting themselves.  There may be many [...]

Understanding Children’s Emotional Needs

NEEDS NOT WANTS... We all know that we have basic physical needs such as having sufficient food, being sheltered and kept warm. But we all have important emotional needs as well which, when not met, can lead to anxiety and stress and even mental or physical illness. These essential needs are:* security autonomy and control [...]