How Counselling Helps with Five Addictions

We all lead difficult lives.  Pressures of work, family and lifestyle can sometimes find us struggling to deal with certain situations and lead to addiction as a way of coping.  Whether it’s you that’s experiencing the addiction or you are the friend or loved one of a person that has a developed an addiction, counselling can [...]

Moving Out of Fear

Nelson Mandela said: “The greatest glory in living does not lie in having never fallen, but in rising every time you fall.” When things seem to go wrong time after time, some of us feel too weighed down by fear to keep trying. Fear is paralysing and exhausting, fueling in our minds loop feeds of [...]

Negatives to Positives

TURNING YOUR NEGATIVES INTO YOUR POSITIVES Our thoughts become our reality. This is because the human brain is designed to meet expectations, whether our own or other peoples’. So, not only is it true to say that we learn from our experiences, but also that our experiences are shaped by what we have learnt.   [...]