One-to-One Trauma And PTSD Treatment Sessions

 Coping with life in the aftermath of a trauma can be like hell on earth. You may well be experiencing strong and painful emotions, anxiety that you feel is completely out of control, and your body may seem to have a mind of its own. On top of this, you may feel that you are not the same person that you were before your trauma – without quite knowing who you now are – and that you no longer fit in with the people around you.

All of this may resolve itself over a period of time. However, sometimes the feelings persist; it may even be that they come to rule your life.

But, the good news is that they don’t have to. Through trauma counselling, you can access  effective techniques that will help you to take back control of your life. They can help with nightmares or flashbacks that you may be experiencing, with mood swings, inexplicable and uncontrollable anger, difficulty sleeping or concentrating,  a sense of numbness and dissociation from you own life and from relationships with others, and with hypervigilance and anxiety.

Sarah works with veteran soldiers and other professionals whose work brings them face-to-face with traumatic experiences, as well as people who suffer trauma within their personal relationships, supporting them in their journey to transcend trauma.

It’s important to understand that it’s not only people who have been through a war or a natural disaster who can suffer from post-traumatic syndrome.  Any situation in which you feared for your own – or someone else’s – life can trigger trauma.  Many people experience guilt alongside their trauma, feeling that what they have been through should not have affected them so severely, but everyone’s felt experience of an incident is unique. 


Incidents from which people can receive trauma are:

car accidents
sexual, emotional, physical, or psychological abuse
bullying at school or work, within a relationship
complications during birth (for mother, child, or attending father)

or, it may be that you have:

been in active service or a natural disaster
encounter traumatic material in your professional life
been a victim of, or witness to, violent crime

If you would like to discuss your options of accessing effective trauma counselling, please contact Sarah. As well as having worked with private clients on a wide range of issues involving trauma, in Sarah’s work with the charity PTSD Resolution, she has worked successfully with traumatised soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, and she can help you overcome your traumatic experiences in a gentle and effective way.

Please do get in touch with Sarah if you would like to book an appointment or hear more about her counselling in Guildford, Farnham, and Haslemere. Sarah offers a free 20-minute phone conversation to discuss the counselling or coaching plan that would work best for you. To contact Sarah, please call 07912 357 366, or email

“Firstly, I’d like to thank Sarah who has made a very difficult time in my life bearable. I’d like to start with how I was and was feeling before I received the help I needed. I had never been so low in all my life, with leaving the army the only true home I’d known for 16 years of my life. That, topped with the lack of sleep and nightmares when I did sleep, had led me to be hyper-aggressive and, I’m ashamed to say, violent. This culminated in the person who has supported me through this – my girlfriend, Ann – saying that if I didn’t seek help, she would have to leave me. This had me at my lowest ebb, to the point  where I couldn’t see a future for myself and my thoughts had, on occasion, led to the contemplation of taking my own life. It was Ann who found me the help, and it was offered swiftly. I was put in touch with Sarah and began counselling sessions. At first I found them hard and embarrassing – no squaddie likes to ask for help – but I swallowed my pride and set to the task ahead. I’d like to say, Sarah was amazing, helping me deal with the issues I had as a result of trauma sustained through years of service. She even explained that my reactions weren’t abnormal – which is the hardest thing to deal with, the why me, why am I being so weak. As a result, I now feel like a new man: I rarely lose my temper and if I do, I can control myself; I have very few nightmares, and manage to sleep at least 6-8 hours, whereas before I’d be luck to get 3-4 hours. My relationship with Ann is on the mend and I truly feel I am back to being the man she loved, and not the violent, aggressive man I had become; and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am happy. I thank Sarah for her help; without it, I would have lost everything: my job, my girlfriend, and not long after my liberty or my life so, with this said, thank you and I hope more people like me can receive this kind of help.”