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Getting Help to Stop Smoking

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So, there’s a part of you that wants to give up smoking. Is there a part of you, though, that wishes you could keep right on? That believes it’s going it be difficult, unpleasant? That you’ll get bad-tempered? Find it difficult to see through?

It really doesn’t have to be.

If you come to me to stop smoking, I will make it quite clear to you that I don’t want you to stop smoking until you are really ready to stop. Because I don’t want you to be left gasping for a cigarette, thinking if only you could just have one…

I want smoking to become irrelevant in your life, so that you barely even notice that you’re, well, just not smoking anymore. Because you don’t want to. Because it’s no longer a part of who you are, and your body quite simply doesn’t crave it. Because you have other things that you’d rather be doing, rather be spending your money on

Stop Smoking with coaching, counselling, hypnosis and advice

So, if you’d like to find a easy, pain-free way to stop smoking, contact Sarah.

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