Sessions – Counselling in Surrey

You can book a session one-to-one for either an hour or an hour and a half. People often find it useful to make the first session one and a half hours, and to then cut down to an hour for any subsequent sessions. If you have a busy schedule or have far to travel, you can book a wellbeing intensive.

Sarah aims to help you in as few sessions as possible. Some people find their difficulties resolved in one or two sessions, most people within four to six but, if your problems are more complex it may  take longer. This is considerably shorter than many other counselling techniques, and is therefore very cost-effective.

Sessions are evaluated by recognised outcome measures as a means of quality-control. This helps you to track the progress of your therapy, and monitors its effectiveness.

What you can expect from your counselling sessions

  • to start to feel better after the first session (Sarah does not believe that you have to feel worse before you start feeling better)
  • to be heard with empathy, compassion, acceptance, and confidentiality
  • to identify the emotional needs that are not presently being met in your life, and to explore solutions
  • to be given useful information, where appropriate, about the neurology and or biology pertaining to your difficulty
  • to learn valuable techniques for achieving and maintaining emotional and psychological wellbeing (Sarah aims for you to be in control of your own progress)
  • to learn “mindsight” techniques* that will help you to gain greater clarity into any difficulties and goals, and greater focus in finding and achieving solutions
  • to learn how to relax deeply, leaving your mind freer to deal more effectively with life’s challenges

* “Mindsight” was developed by Dr Daniel Siegel

Where are the sessions held?

You can make an appointment to see Sarah either at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, or in Ash Green.

For clients who have too far to travel, Sarah can work with them over Skype.

Sarah will visit clients too ill to go out themselves (there will be an additional charge for travel expenses).

Session pricing

Single session: £60 an hour pro rata/£70 an hour pro rata for couples counselling

Block of four hour-long sessions: £200

Block of four sessions (the first session one and a half hours, the remaining one hour): £230

48 hours notice required for cancellation or re-arrangement of an appointment

Sarah offers a free 20-minute phone conversation to discuss the counselling or coaching plan that would work best for you in Guilford, Surrey and Ash Green