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Ecotherapy for Children – Real support for real change


Does your child need something a little different?

This is your opportunity to give them a fresh and exciting environment to explore and in which to learn new ways of thinking and behaving which will work better for them and for you.

One-to-one sessions are specifically tailored to suit your child and their interests so that, through engaging their imagination, curiosity, and enthusiasm, new behavioural learning can take place.

It may benefit your child if they are struggling with:

* Low self-esteem

* Stress

* Panic attacks

* Social anxiety

* Bullying

* Anger/violence/aggression


* Autism/Asperger’s

*Anti-social behaviour

* Self-harm

* Bereavement

What exactly is ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy takes place outside, engaging with nature, learning woodland craft skills such as whittling, willowing weaving, and wood turning; or helping with woodland conservation activities, such as planting and tending to new trees.

These activities are therapeutic in themselves, and provide a relaxed and engaged atmosphere in which to have a more natural counselling conversation. This takes the pressure, which more formal one-to-one counselling can create, off your child.

Your child’s safety

You are encouraged to accompany your child during the ecotherapy session. The woodland space and activities have been designed especially with your child’s safety in mind.

If you would like to learn more about ecotherapy for your child, or you would like book a session, contact Sarah.