I often see people who feel regret when they think of their past; feel, perhaps, that they’ve wasted months or years in a certain mind-set, not been as pro-active as they now wish they had been. And yet are they taking account of all that might be going on underneath the surface? One person’s time-wasting, may be another’s gestation. If you had not had those fallow periods of your life, perhaps you wouldn’t have been able to temper certain qualities of which you now feel in command. After all, for a blacksmith to make a sturdy sword which does not snap in the first battle, he needs to quench and temper the metal over and over again – it takes time to become tougher and more serviceable.

Les Brown tells this lovely story of a Chinese bamboo tree seed….

How, once it’s planted, no growth appears above the soil for four years – it seems a lost cause, and some gardeners may give up on it. However, the wise gardener is patient, continuing to water and nurture the seed. After four years, the tree grows up to ninety feet in five weeks.

So, could you benefit from being a little kinder to yourself? Giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, respecting and trusting yourself even when you don’t appear to be that productive or positive? Who knows what you may be preparing yourself for, what qualities and resources may be being born within you?

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